Jefferson Laurel Farm was established in 2000 by Kathy & Earl Klay, as a hands-on alpaca farm priding itself on the quality of its' breeding stock. We take great care to research the selection of the sires to specifically compliment the dams to achieve strong conformation and elite fiber characteristics in their offspring.

At Jefferson Laurel, we are dedicated to preserving the unique qualities of these wonderful creatures. All of the alpaca we raise are prized for their hardiness, superb maternal instincts of the females and elite fiber characteristics. We focus on these traits in order to develop an easy-care herd that produces well and consistently for the breeder who may also work off the farm. Production traits are vital to success and we utilize independent testing and keep detailed records on both cria and fleece production.

We care a great deal about providing the best possible environment for our animals and believe in the humane treatment of livestock and raise our animals as naturally as possible minimizing the use of antibiotics, vaccines and artificial chemicals. Our deworming protocol reflects the level of exposure and life cycle of the particular parasites found naturally on our farm and management situation.

Above all, we want to make sure our farm has a minimal impact on the environment and that the animals are well kept.  Most days, you will find them quiet and content, just chewing their cud.

You will find the perfect alpaca you are looking for, whether it is your first production animal, or the champion genetics to improve your existing herd. They are lovingly cared for by committed alpaca breeders who love the animals not only for their unique fiber qualities, but for the opportunity to enjoy a sustainable agricultural life. Our alpacas and customers are each treated with great care and respect. We are active members of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association(AOBA), the Ohio Alpaca Breeders Association (OABA), the Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI), the Suri Network, the Carolina Alpaca Breeders & Owners (CABO). If you’re looking for high quality breeding stock or advice on barn or paddock design, we can help. We are committed to not rest on our “laurels” but strive to improve our herd through modern husbandry techniques.

Kathy is on farm full time and involved in the daily activities. She is an AOBA certified suri & huacaya halter, performance and fleece judge. She is often asked to present at seminars and clinics and has worked with 4-H alpaca clubs across the state on showmanship techniques. Earl is busy with the corporate world but looks forward to his weekends except when Kathy has had all week to think up projects for him!

If you would like any further information about the viability of raising alpacas or would like to visit our farm, give us a call to visit and talk "alpaca" with us!


We are committed to the advancement of the North American alpaca by selectively breeding only healthy alpacas with outstanding fiber quality.

We understand the value of experience and are available to our clients 24/7.  We attribute our success to our passion for our alpacas and our desire to maintain the highest level of client service.
We believe our success is dependent on the success of our customers.